Waterman Arrowbile / W-5
Waterman - Arrowbile / W-5 - 1937 - США
Страна: США
Год: 1937

Two-seat roadable tail-less cabin biplane
The Wateman "Arrowbile" Two-seat Roadable Cabin Monoplane (100 h.p. Studebaker-Waterman engine).
Waldo Waterman Arrowbile, the first successful flying automobile as the wings were made detachable for road travel. Flown in 1937, this machine proved very stable, impossible to spin and stall.
The Waterman Arrowbile typify the present American trend toward three-wheeled undercarriages. This machine is offered as a practical private-owner type. The Waterman is being handled by the Studebaker concern and mounts the four-in-line Menasco.
The Wateman "Arrowbile" with wing detached.
These photographs illustrate for the first time the Waterman Aerobile. Upper is the Aerobile in full flying trim, and lower the same machine as an automobile.