Страна: США
Год: 1943

Forty-two-seat troop or freight-carrying glider
Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Waco CG-13A (USA)
  The CG-13A was a large glider capable of carrying a maximum of 42 airborne troops and their equipment or the equivalent weight in military vehicles or ordnance. The first prototype was delivered to the USAAF in March 1942 and, as a result of extensive trials, a small production order was placed with the Northwestern Aeronautical Corporation for service evaluation aircraft, the first of which was towed off the ground on 2 December 1943. Production was undertaken by Northwestern and the Ford Motor Company, but only 132 production CG-13As were built.
The Waco CG-13A 42-seat Troop or Cargo-carrying Glider.
The Waco CG-13A, the largest transport glider to enter production in the USA, which was built to an AAF requirement for a glider offering twice the capacity of the CG-4A.
The Waco CG-13A Military Transport Glider.