Embraer KC-390
Страна: Бразилия
Год: 2015

21 октября 2014г. бразильская компания Embraer провела официальную церемонию выкатки первого прототипа реактивного среднего военно-транспортного самолета KC-390.
The two prototype KC390s are fully equipped with test instrumentation and each aircraft can perform any flight test role.
BAE Systems and Embraer signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) at FIA on July 19, 2022 to collaborate in Middle Eastern markets for the C-390, with an initial focus on Saudi Arabia. Jackson Schneider, president and CEO of Embraer Defense & Security, said: “The aircraft brings a new concept to market, offering a versatile and multi-mission platform with very low operating costs and fast turnaround, which is an unbeatable combination”
The first KC-390 prototype PT-ZNF made its maiden flight on February 3, 2015 and participated at the 2016 Farnborough International Air Show. The aircraft undertook a sales tour of Europe and parts of North Africa after Farnborough, returning to Brazil in late July 2016.
KC-390 PT-ZNJ has already conducted initial paratrooper dropping tests including free fall and static line jumps from both the side doors and the cargo ramp. The test period also involved container delivery system and airdrop trials.
The KC-390 is designed to carry up to 66 paratroopers.
The second KC-390 prototype PT-ZNJ joined was recently used for paratrooper and cargo dropping trials in conjunction with the Forca Aerea Brasileira and the Exercito Brasileiro.
More than a month was spent at the Forca Aerea Brasilera base at Campo Grande in 2016 undertaking the first air drop assessments, which included container delivery system drops.
The KC-390 was designed from the outset to be an air refuelling aircraft for both fixed and rotary wing receivers. Fuel is transferred via removable Cobham underwing pods. Aircraft PT-ZNF has already conducted stability tests using high and low-speed drogues. Dry contact air refuelling tests will be conducted before the end of 2016. Up to three auxiliary fuel tanks can be installed in the cargo bay for this role.
The Cobham 912E pod utilises the latest technology for the KC-390 to meet the aircraft’s high performance criteria including its ability to satisfy a wide number of receivers at extended ranges.
The installation of the removable probe enables the Millennium to receive fuel from a tanker and the underwing refuelling pods allows the Millennium to transfer fuel to other aircraft. The fuel offload and the operational range can be extended with the use of roll-on-roll-off fuel tanks
The first KC-390 prototype, PT-ZNF (msn 390001), flew on February 3, 2015.
The prototype KC-390 multi-role tanker transport, PT-ZNF, returns to Gaviao Peixoto after it maiden flight.
BRAZILIAN-BASED Embraer introduced its C-390 Millennium medium-lift multi-mission aircraft - a new name and designation for the KC-390 platform.
The first of five Portuguese Air Force KC-390 Millenniums, PT-ZDK, during a pre-delivery test flight in Brazil
OGMA Industria Aeronautics de Portugal manufactures the sponsons and doors of the main landing gear, which is designed by another Portuguese company, Empresa de Engengaria.
Two IAE V2500-E5 turbofan engines, each rated at 31,330 lb (139.4kN) thrust, power the KC-390.
The KC-390 is powered by two International Aero Engines V2500-E5s, as used by the A320. They feature minor FADEC modifications for specific military tasks.
AEL Sistemas, a Brazilian subsidiary of Elbit Systems, makes the mission computer, head-up displays and self-protection system including missile warning receivers.
Cobham Mission Equipment supply the KC-390’s air refuelling probe, auxiliary fuselage fuel tanks and wing-mounted refuelling pods. The probe is positioned immediately above the flight deck for safety and ease of engagement.
FIA organisers have expressed their regret in cancelling the 2020 edition, but have said: "We are determined to continue to work together and will ensure the Farnborough International Airshow returns in 2022 better than ever."
Final assembly of the KC-390 is undertaken at Gaviao Peixoto in a new facility opened in 2014, which coincided with Embraer and the Forca Aerea Brasilera signing the first acquisition contract.
FAB’s reduced KC-390 order is in part compensated for by orders from overseas
Выкатка KC-390 с помощью буксировочного устройства
Министр обороны Бразилии Селсо Аморим, президент Embraer Defense & Security Джексон Шнейдер (второй и третий справа) среди представителей стран-участниц программы KC-390 во время церемонии выкатки самолета. 21 ноября 2014 г.
Бразильский KC-390 только начинает свой путь
Первый экземпляр KC-390 в процессе окончательной сборки
Макет кабины экипажа самолета KC-390
The flight control system is fully fly-by-wire with active sidestick controllers. Avionics include the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion system and a Selex Gabbiano T-20 tactical radar.
A mock-up of the KC-390's cockpit layout.
The cargo bay is 12.7m (47ft 8in) long, or 18.5m (60ft 8in) including the ramp, and 3.45m (11 ft 4in) wide.
Journalists visiting Embraer find themselves ‘inside the belly of the beast’ on a KC-390 test flight
This computer-generated image gives some scale to the proposed Embraer C-390. The aircraft is pictured is Brazilian Air Force markings. This air arm has been involved with Embraer to define the design and has shown interest in replacing its two KC-130 and four KC-137 tankers with what Embraer calls the KC-390.
An artist's impression of the Embraer C-390 medium-sized military transport in Brazilian Air Force colours.
Сентябрь 2010г.: бразильская «EMBRAER» подписала договор об участии в разработке и производстве транспортного KC-390 чешской «Aero Vodochody». KC-390 способен перевозить 64 десантников.
Сечения грузовой кабины C-130 и KC-390
Размещение в грузовой кабине KC-390 солдат, десантников и носилок для раненых
Provisional general arrangement of the Embraer C-390.