Флорин helicopter
Страна: Бельгия
Год: 1933
Единственный экземпляр
Вертолет Н.Флорина в рекордном полете
BREAKING THE RECORD: The Florine helicopter has succeeded in remaining aloft for 9 min. 58 sec. The small propeller above the engine is fitted chiefly to keep the engine cool when the machine is hovering.
HELICOPTER RESEARCH: N. Florine, the designer of the helicopter illustrated last week, is seen seated in the machine, while standing in front of it is. M. Collin, the pilot, who kept the machine in the air for just under 10 min.
REVOLUTION AND POSSIBLE EVOLUTION: One “sideshow” at the Brussels Show. A (slightly !) developed version of the Florinne helicopter, which at one time held the world’s record for such craft.
Инженер-пилот Р.Коллин управляет вертолетом Н.Флорина