MBB Bo-105
Страна: Германия
Год: 1967

Four/five-seat light helicopter
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MBB BO 105 (Germany)
   The prototype of this five-seat light utility helicopter flew for the first time in 1967. The original production version was the BO 105C powered by two 298 kW (400 shp) Allison 250-C20 turboshaft engines. This is no longer available. The current models are the BO-105CB powered by two 313 kW (420 shp) Allison 250-C20B engines and the standard production model since 1975; BO 105CBS with increased seating or cargo capacity in a 0.25 m (9 3/4 in) longer fuselage, available in five-seat executive or six-seat high-density configurations; BO 105D, a variant supplied to the UK with modified equipment; BO 105L, deliveries of which began in 1980; BO 105M (VBH) liaison and observation helicopter for the German Army, with uprated engines and transmission (227 ordered to replace Alouette IIs); and the BO 105P (PAH-1) anti-tank version, with outriggers able to carry six Hot missiles; procurement of 212 PAH-1s by the German Army began in 1979.

Data (BO 105CB): Engines as above Main rotor diameter 9.84 m (32 ft 3 1/2 in) Length overall 11.86 m (38 ft 11 in) Max T-O weight 2,300 kg (5,070 lb) Max cruising speed 245 km/h (152 mph) Range 656 km (408 miles) Accommodation five persons or pilot and two stretchers or freight
Легкий вертолет Bo.105
MBB BO 105 light helicopter in service with the Federal German police force
Белков Bo-105
MBB began flight testing on 21 May a BO 105 helicopter fitted with a stabilised mast-mounted visual aid, originally developed under contract from the German Ministry of Research and Technology with a view to application on the projected Franco-German PAH-2 and now proposed for military scout and even civil rescue operations by night.
Mackenzie Hill's Bolkow Bo 105D, G-BAFD, taking off at Prestwick 11/3/73;
MBB BO 105 in service in Japan (two 400 shp Allison 250-C20 turboshaft engines)
Против партизан в Тукумане активно применялись вертолеты. На фото: полицейский BO 105
A pylon-equipped MBB 105, this type of helicopter being destined for use by all Filipino armed services.
MBB Bo 105 carrying six Hot missiles.
MBB BO 105 fitted experimentally with six Hot anti-tank missiles and stabilised sight
MBB BO 105 fitted experimentally with six Hot anti-tank missiles and stabilised sight
The MBB PAH-1 anti-tank helicopter was officially handed over to the German Army at Celle AFB on December 4, 1980. The PAH-1 carries a crew of two plus six HOT missiles.
The prototype MBB BO 105L, developed to improve the "hot and high" performance of this successful helicopter.
MBB B0 105D.
MBB BO 105 with inflatable emergency floats attached to landing gear and fuselage-mounted rescue hoist
MBB BO 105 with inflatable emergency floats attached to skid landing gear
Bolkow Bo 105D G-BEZJ on delivery through Newcastle 20/8/77
CEFAMET operates 10 of the 11 BO 105 training helicopters acquired from the West German Heeresflieger a few years ago. This one, still in German colours, is HE.15-8, ET-128.
A BO 105 of No 2 Squadron at Brunei International Airport. These helicopters have provision to carry rocket pods on each side of the fuselage.
New among the foreign visitors were two German Army MBB BO 105Cs (S.70 "82+95" illus.) from the Versorgungsstaffel, a trials unit, based at Celle
Один из двух первых MBB BO-105, переданных 3340-му АП ВВС Албании. Авиабаза Фарка, 2010 г.
Still used by the KLu’s 299 Sqn at Gilze Rijen, the MBB BO 105CB’s black and dark green camouflage scheme blends well into European surroundings - the special display colour scheme of high-visibility red, white and blue striping seen here on B-43 over a lake near Deelen rather negates the effect.
Seen at Manching before delivery, these four Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm BO 105s have been supplied to C.A.A.C. of China for offshore support work. They were flown out in China Airways Boeing 707s
Types in the KLM Helikopters fleet (l. to r.): Sikorsky S-58T PH-NZE; Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm BO 105D PH-NZH; Sikorsky S-61N PH-NZA
This year's Army Air Day, held at Middle Wallop on 6th August 1977, began with a massed arrival of ten fixed-wing aircraft (Chipmunks) and sixty-five helicopters. Front row: Basic Fixed-Wing Flight Chipmunks, Canadian A.F. Kiowas, German Army MBB BO 105Cs and Bell UH-1Ds. 2nd row: Gazelles from the Basic Rotary-Wing Flight and No. 2 Flight. 3rd row: Bristow Bell 47Gs, Scouts from the Advanced Rotary-Wing Flight. 4th row: Alouettes of Nos. 6 and 14 Flights, sundry Sioux and Scouts. 5th row: I.F.T.U. Lynx and and R.A.F. No. 230 Squadron Puma landing
MBB BO 105 HGH, a modified version of the BO 105 for high-speed research
MBB BO 105HGH, a modified version of the BO 105 for high-speed research
MBB BO 106, a six/seven-seat development of the five-seat BO 105
Boeing Vertol/MBB BO 105 Executaire, a “stretched” fuselage version of the West German light helicopter