Stout Bushmaster 2000
Stout - Bushmaster 2000 - 1964 - США
Страна: США
Год: 1964

Tri-Motor 60-х годов - Bushmaster 2000. В 1960-х годах "Aircraft Hydro-Forming Inc." модернизировала для авиакомпании "American Airlines" самолет 5-AT-D Tri-Motor в вариант Bushmaster 2000. На 15-местном прототипе (на снимке) были установлены три двигателя Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior. Первый полет эта машина выполнила в 1966 году, в серию самолет, предназначенный для труднодоступных районов, не передавался.
Prototype Bushmaster 2000, a modernised version of the Ford Tri-Motor, in the insignia of Cherokee Airlines
Ralph Williams (left) and Walter Greer, who built this second example of the Bushmaster 2000, are seen here with their creation at Long Beach Airport. The Bushmaster’s distinctive shape has become a familiar feature at Californian airshows this season.
The Bushmaster 2000 dominates the Long Beach Airport ramp, towering above the array of smaller aircraft that are its more common inhabitants.
Deeper cockpit windows and a neally-cowled centre engine with three-bladed fully-feathering propeller distinguish the Bushmaster from the original Trimotor.
The Bushmaster cockpit is dominated by the control wheels and the triplicated engine controls on the central quadrant.