Couzinet Couzinet 30 / 33
Страна: Франция
Год: 1931

Самолеты семейства Couzinet
Flight, December 1930

Самолеты семейства Couzinet

В конце 1920-х годов была образована компания "Societe des Avions Rene Couzinet", первой задачей которой стала постройка трехмоторного моноплана Couzinet 10 Arc-en-Ciel ("Радуга"), предназначенного для участия в попытке установления рекорда дальности. В последующем на его базе предполагалось разработать самолет для трансатлантических пассажирских или почтовых перевозок. Однако Couzinet 10 не повезло - в августе 1928 года он потерпел аварию и был полностью разрушен, а вторая машина этого типа через некоторое время сгорела.
   Затем конструктор Рене Кузине (также иногда Кузин) создал улучшенный Couzinet 30.

Flight, December 1930



   Regarded by many visitors to the Paris Aero Show as a "freak," but at least showing some originality of thought and a determination to attempt to improve aerodynamic efficiency, the Couzinet type 20 is a little three-engined light monoplane with 40 h.p. Salmson engines. The undercarriage is so designed that the wheels can be raised into the outboard engine housings and partly buried there. To us it appears doubtful whether the projecting half of the wheels, plus the fact that the axles, radius rods, and telescopic legs lie some 2 in. away from the lower surface of the wing, will not give as much drag as if the undercarriage had been left hanging down. But it should be possible to design undercarriages of a different type, in which all, or practically all, could be entirely buried, and in that case the machine should have a very high maximum L/D.
   The three Salmson engines are mounted in very pointed housings which are continued past the propellers in the form of spinners. The machine is a low-wing monoplane of all-wood construction, and is designed to carry pilot and four passengers at a cruising speed of 150 km./h. (93 m.p.h.). In view of the fact that five persons are carried for a power expenditure of 120 h.p., or 24 h.p. per occupant, this seems to be extremely good. The cruising range is stated to be six hours, or 900 km. (560 miles).
NEW TYPE AT ORLY: The Couzinet 3-engined postal plane (40 h.p. Salmson)
The Couzinet type 20, has three Salmson 40-h.p. engines and a retractable undercarriage. Note the very pointed engine cowlings.
Another view of the Couzinet monoplane (right). Note the retracted undercarriage. On the left the Mureaux type III R.2.
A NEW COUZINET: At the last Paris Aero Show Rene Couzinet exhibited a small three-engined monoplane with Salmson A.D.9 engines. That machine had a retractable under-carriage. The new type shown here has a fixed undercarriage fitted with "spats," and the engines are De Havilland "Gipsy III." The wing between outboard engines and fuselage is very thick. This machine may soon be sent on a world tour.
One of the French commercial aircraft which were flown to Moscow to show the Russians what France can produce in this way. C. de Vernheilh's Couzinet monoplane Biarritz.