Donnet-Leveque Type A/B/C
Страна: Франция
Год: 1912
Летающая лодка

Летающая лодка "Доннэ-Левек" А
Летающая лодка "Доннэ-Левек" во время приготовлений к старту с воды
Among the exhibits in the museum at Helsingoer is this Donnet-Leveque flying-boat, with a completely new hull but the original (reconditioned) wings built at the Naval Shipyard in Copenhagen in 1914.
IT LOOKS FAMILIAR. In the May 1957 Photos by Request was published a side view of the Donnet Leveque flying-boat of 1913 in Swedish naval markings. It is worth comparing it with this Danish (1915) patrol boat built by Orlogsvaerftet Maagen 2 (c/n. 4).