Аэропрогресс Т-101 Грач
Страна: Россия
Год: 1994

Turboprop-powered general utility aircraft
Aeroprogress/ROKS-Aero T-101 Grach prototype (1999)
Rosk-Aero/Del-Aero revealed its T-101 Gratch 12-seat utility aircraft intended as a replacement for the An-2 'Colt'. A landplane version is due to make its first flight in November 1992. At the rear is the Jamal amphibian and a jet-powered Buran shuttle.
Prototype Aeroprogress/ROKS-Aero T-101, on which the Khrunichev T-201 is based (1996)
Aeroprogress/ROKS-Aero T-101 Grach turboprop utility aircraft (1999)