Holleville RH-1 Bambi
Страна: Франция
Год: 1954

Единственный экземпляр
HOLLEVILLE RH-1 BAMBI. A new addition to the growing fleet of two-seat French light aircraft is the Bambi, designed and built by Roger Holleville. As with a number of similar types, the Bambi can be built by clubs or groups from plans or kits, and in this form the Bambi uses synthetic resins and sandwich construction. It will probably be built in series by the designer.
Salient features: A cantilever low-wing monoplane, the Bambi has a covered, stepped cockpit, and an engine cowling typical of flat-four installations. The rear fuselage is deep, and is faired into the oval-shaped fin and rudder assembly which has maximum curvature on the trailing edge. Wings are of high aspect ratio and of elliptical planform; there is moderate dihedral from the roots. Main undercarriage legs are swept forward.
HOLLEVILLE RH-1 BAMBI. Data: Manufacturer: Roger Holleville, Aubervilliers. Power: one Continental E-65 of 65 h.p . Accommodation: two-seat side-by-side. Dimensions: span 27 ft . 6 in.; length 22 ft.; weight empty 637 lb.; all-up weight 1,100 lb. Performance : maximum speed 124 m.p.h.; cruising 105 m.p.h.; minimum speed 34 m.p.h.; duration 4 1/2 hours.