SIPA S.1000 Coccinelle
Страна: Франция
Год: 1955

The SIPA 1000 Coccinelle.
SIPA 1000 COCCINELLE. Intended as a really cheap light aeroplane (although in its "utility" form it will cost ?1,300) for club and touring use, the S-1000 Coccinelle was designed and built in a remarkably short time, and was publicly displayed at the Paris Salon in June. A production line for the Coccinelle has already been laid down. Basically, the aircraft will be offered with a 65-h .p. engine without electrics, or in "de-Iuxe" form with a 90-h.p. engine and an electric starter.
Salient features: Of small dimensions, the SIPA-1000 has a blunt nose, with characteristic horizontally-opposed engine intake. The transparent cockpit cover is large with a gentle slope-down at the back. The fuselage is flat-bottomed with marked upsweep towards the tail. The thick constant-chord wing has dihedral from the roots and blunt tips. Fin leading-edge is straight while the rudder trailing edge is curved. The tailplane has curved tips with the elevator well aft of the rudder line. Cantilever main undercarriage legs are slanted outwards and the nosewheel forwards. A small tail "hoop" skid is fitted.
SIPA 1000 COCCINELLE. Data: Manufacturer: Societe Industrielle pour I'Aeronautique, Suresnes, Seine, France. Power: Continental A.65 or C.90. Accommodation: two-seat. Dimensions: span 25 ft. 11 in. ; length 17 ft . 10 in.; height 7 ft. 3 in.; 'Weights: empty 740 lb.; gross weight 1,260 lb. Performance: maximum speed 125 m.p.h., cruising 112 m.p.h . ; range 375 miles.
Weights and performance quoted for version with 90-h.p. engine.