Siddeley, Armstrong Whitworth Sinaia
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1921

Единственный экземпляр
SIDDELEY SINAIA. Designed soon after the first World War, the Siddeley type 103 was a two-motor, long-range, heavy bomber which flew for the first time on 25th June 1921. During 1921, the Siddeley Deasy Motor Car Co., Ltd ., was absorbed by the then new joint holding called Sir W.G.Armstrong, Whitworth Aircraft Ltd, of Coventry - better known today as Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft.
The Sinaia was powered by two 600-h.p. Armstrong Siddeley Tiger engines - the prototype J6858 being painted "bomber green" overall. Provision was also made for the installation of two 480-h.p. Napier Lion engines.
The type 103 Sinaia was designed by Mr. F.M.Green who had joined the Siddeley company after serving on the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough during the Great War. Unfortunately, records relating to the history and performance of the Sinaia were destroyed by enemy action during World War II. From photographs and drawings three gun positions may be noted - two in rearwards-extended engine nacelles - as well as side-by-side seating for the pilot and navigator/wireless operator.
S-D Sinaia J6858, with the extended engine nacelles (with roundel painted thereon) just visible. The man provides scale.
SIDDELEY SINAIA. Data: Manufacturer: Siddeley Deasy Motor Car Co., Ltd., Parkside, Coventry. Power: two 600-h.p. Siddeley Tigers. Span 86 ft. 10 in.; wing area 1.823 sq. ft. Loaded weight 16.000 lb. Loadings: power 13.3 Ib./h.p.; wing 8.9 Ib./sq. ft.