Pietenpol Air Camper
Страна: США
Год: 1933

Two-seat amateur-built light aircraft
Среди американцев популярен проверенный временем Pietenpol Air Camper - высокоплан с открытой кабиной и мотором Continental мощностью 65 л. с.
Pietenpol Air Camper built by Mr. Donald Nordsving of Canton, Minn
This modified Pietenpol L.S. "Air Camper" is one of the few remaining of its type still flying. It sports a fully-cowled 65-h.p. Lycoming engine, wingtip plates, dual instrumentation and has two-way radio.
Modified Pietenpol Air Camper built by St Catharine's EAA Group, Ontario, Canada
Pietenpol Aircamper G-BMLT, the first example to be completed in the UK, over Merstham Lake near Redhill in the hands of Richard Hauke.
Halsmer Safety Twin, an unusual twin-engined adaptation of a Pietenpol Air Camper