Colonial C-1 Skimmer
Colonial - C-1 Skimmer - 1948 - США
Страна: США
Год: 1948
Летающая лодка

COLONIAL C-1 SKIMMER. After seven years of development the Colonial Model C-1 Skimmer has recently gone into series production. The post-war market for light utility single-motor amphibians was pioneered by the 1944 Republic RC-3 Seabee, of which over 1,000 had been built when production ceased in 1947. The prototype Skimmer (N6595K) was first flown on 17th July 1948 and apart from a new paint finish and a taller fin and rudder, appears to have undergone little external re-design . Dual controls are provided.
Salient features: Of all-metal construction the Skimmer has a single-step hull supporting a cantilever mid-wing with marked dihedral. The clean hull lines are broken by the semi-retractable nosewheel which also serves as a bumper. The trousered wingtip floats do not retract but the main wheels fold inwards and remain uncovered. The 150-h.p. Franklin O-320 flat-six drives a two-blade Sensenich propeller and is mounted on a simple streamlined pylon supported on each side by single struts.
Photograph shows N6595K over Oyster Bay, L.I., N.Y.
The Canadian Register has exhausted the CF-J series very quickly and has reached CF-KJN. Skimmer CF-KDQ (photo) and Navion CF-KEA are two other recent Canadians.
First photo of the Colonial C-2 Skimmer four-seat amphibian. Span 34 ft. 0 in., length 23 ft. 6 in., height 8 ft. 10 in. Maximum speed 136 m.p.h., cruising 125 m.p.h. Gross weight 2,350 lb., empty weight 1,470 Ib. Company designation is Skimmer Tach IV.
COLONIAL C-1 SKIMMER. Data: Manufacturer: Colonial Aircraft Corporation of Deer Park, L.I., N.Y., and Sanford, Maine, U.S.A. Power: one 150-h.p. Franklin O-320 horizontally-opposed, six-cylinder. air-cooled motor. Accommodation: three, plus baggage stowage of 40 cu. ft. Dimensions: span 34 ft.; length 23 ft. 6 in.; height 8 ft. 10in. Weights: empty 1,400 lb.; useful normal load 700 lb.; loaded 2,100 lb.; maximum fuel 35 U.S. gal., 270 lb.; normal 30 U.S. gal., 180 lb . Performance: maximum speed 125 m.p.h. at 5,000 ft.; cruising (at 62 per cent power) 115 m.p.h.; stalling 50 rn.p.h.: range 700 miles.