Mann & Grimmer M.1
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1915

Единственный экземпляр
MANN AND GRIMMER M.1. The curious biplane known as the Mann and Grimmer M.1 was produced with the object of incorporating the advantages of the "pusher" without the need for tail-booms, and the two propellers were driven by a shaft and chain transmission from the single 100-h.p. (later 125-h.p.) Anzani engine in the nose. It was designed by R. F. Mann and R. P. Grimmer and first flew at Hendon on 19th February 1915, piloted by Mr. Rowland Ding. It was intended as a home-defence fighter. A modified version known as the M.2 was planned, and the firm secured a Government order for an M.2a, but it was not completed and they closed down in 1916. The M.1 was credited with a speed of 85 m.p.h.
The close-up of the Mann and Grimmer biplane illustrates the unusual arrangement of the airscrews. There were two of these, mounted as "pushers" aft of the wings, and they were chain-driven from a 100 h.p. Anzani engine mounted in the nose of the fuselage. Not unlike Horatio Barber's "Viking" in a general way, the Mann and Grimmer machine did quite a lot of flying, having the advantage of more power than was available to Mr. Barber. On one occasion one of the driving chains broke, but Mr. Rowland Ding, who was flying the machine at the time, managed to land safely.
The Mann & Grimmer M.1 in its definitive form.