Larson Duster D-1
Страна: США
Год: 1955

Единственный экземпляр
LARSON DUSTER D-1. After several years preliminary study the Larson Agricultural biplane has been produced with the object of supplying a crop-duster which would be cheap, safe both from the point of view of flight characteristics as well as "crash survival" and which would be sufficiently rugged to stand up to the rough usage which the aircraft encounters in such work. The pilot is mounted behind both the engine and the load of 1,500 lb. of dusting material, while the top wing of the biplane gives him good turnover protection. The power plant is a complete package of mounted oil tank, engine and propeller, including 220-h.p. Continental R-670 engine used in the P217 Stearman, large numbers of which are obtainable cheaply as war surplus. The Jacobs 225 and the Lycoming 225 are offered as alternatives. The fuselage is of welded steel tubing fabric covered aft of the cockpit in the production model. The sheet metal wings have four panels all equal size with no centre section. There are no bracing wires. Fabric covering is used aft of the rear spar to save weight, The undercarriage is a tripod, split type, with standard Ford automobile wheels and brakes.
LARSON DUSTER D-1. Data: Manufacturer: Larson Aero Development, Buchannon Airfield, Concord, California. Power: 220-h.p. Continental R-670 or Jacobs 225, Lycoming 225. Accommodation: single-seat. Dimensions: span 33 ft. 10 in.; chord 5 ft.; wing area 315 sq. ft.; empty weight 1,700 lb.; maximum gross weight 3,600 lb.; maximum payload 1,500 Ib.; wing loading 11.4lb. per sq. ft.; fuel capacity 30 gallons (2 1/2 hours).