Temco Model 33 / 58 Plebe
Страна: США
Год: 1953

"Temco" построила гражданский самолет Model 33 Plebe; одна машина испытывалась ВМС США, однако ни от военных, ни от гражданских заказов не последовало.
Like the Beechcraft Model 73, the new Temco Model 58 is a private venture, tandem-seat trainer designed for military use. Unlike most tractor Lycoming-powered aircraft, the Temco Model 58's 340-h.p. Lycoming GSO-480-AIA flat-six, drives a three-blade, constant-speed, metal airscrew. With a loaded weight of 2,993 lb., the Model 58 has a maximum speed of 185 knots at 10,000 ft., with a service ceiling of 25,000 ft . plus. Range at 137 kt. is 485 miles at 20,000 ft. Span 33 ft. 2t in.; length 25ft. 10 in.; height 9ft. 10 in. Miscellaneous stores include sixteen 80-mm. rocket projectiles, two 100-lb. G.P. bombs and two under-belly Napalm incendiary bombs. Each wing can mount a single 0.50-in. or 0.30-in. machine gun.
TEMCO MODEL 58. The Temco 58 has been designed as a two-seater primary trainer with easy conversion to a secondary role as an armament training machine. It is a private venture of the company, and they state that it is intended mainly for sale to military air forces abroad. The aircraft is fully aerobatic, and the transformation from unarmed primary training to weapons instruction can be made in less than twenty-four hours.
Salient features : Construction is all metal and a retractable tricycle undercarriage is fitted. The one-piece bubble canopy is power-operated. Complete night-flying instruments are fitted. Considerable attention has been paid to ease of maintenance, and many components are interchangeable. Many major sections of the aircraft can be replaced quickly in the field and specialised equipment is not needed for this purpose. The comprehensive armament installation consists of two machine guns, either .30 or .50 in., together with two Napalm bombs, two 100-lb. general-purpose bombs, and sixteen 8-cm. rockets.
The cover of Temco's 1953 sales brochure for the Model 33 Plebe.
Speculatively painted in US Navy colours, the civil-registered Plebe N848B.
Cut-away showing the structure of the Plebe and taken from Temco’s 1953 sales brochure.
TEMCO MODEL 58. Data: Manufacturer : Temco Aircraft Corporation, Dallas, Texas. Powerplant: one Lycoming GSO-480-AIA6 piston engine of 340 h.p. driving 7-ft. diameter constant-speed three-bladed airscrew. Accommodation: pilot and pupil. Dimensions: span 33 ft. 2 3/4 in.; length 25 ft. 10 in.; height 9 ft. 10 in. Weights: gross 2,993 lb . ; empty 2,270 lb. ; useful load 723 lb. Performance: maximum speed 185 kts.; cruising speed 174 kts.; economical cruising speed 137 kts .; service ceiling over 25,000 ft.; range at economical cruising speed 485 nautical miles. Fuel: 50 gallons.