Breguet Br.482
Страна: Франция
Год: 1947

Many readers have sent news and data of the Breguet 482, and we are pleased to publish this photograph of the complete aircraft.
With a French experimental category ("W") civil registration, can you place this 365-m.p.h. four-engined research aircraft?
The French aircraft F-WFRM illustrated is the remains of the Breguet Br.482, a prototype research bomber designed at the end of World War II and flown two years later. The precise history of this twin fin, tailwheel undercarriage, mid-wing monoplane is not known. A photograph and some details appear in Jane's All the World's Aircraft for 1948, but no background detail. Even where this photograph was taken is obscure.
Data: Span, 78 ft. 10 in.; length, 61 ft. 8 in. Weights, loaded, 31,900 lb. ; wing loading, 44 Ib./sq. ft. Cruising speed, 330 m.p.h. at 26,250 ft. Range, 1,000 miles. Power-plant: four 1,500-h.p. Hispano-Suiza 12Z liquid-cooled, 12-cylinder Vee inlines.