Heston T.1/37
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1938

Единственный экземпляр
Самолеты Heston

   Фирма в 1938 году спроектировала и построила два самолета первоначального обучения по спецификации T.1/37 Министерства авиации.
   Сборка двух аэродинамически чистых низкопланов Heston Type 5 Racer началась в 1939 году. Самолеты предназначались для попытки установления рекорда скорости и оснащались 2300-сильными моторами Napier Sabre. Первый прототип G-AFOK разбился в первом же полете 12 июня 1940 года. Сборку второй опытной машины Type 5 сразу прекратили.
The Heston T.1/37 was built to the same specification as the Miles M.15, but the unfortunate fact that it proved impossible to get the required performance within the limits set by the specification rather cramped the builders' style, and the requirement was dropped.
The T.1/37 L7706 at Heston shortly after completion in September 1938.
The Heston T.1/37 trainer prototype L7706 was built in 1939, but failed to win production orders. It eventually became instructional airframe 2371M.
The fin and rudder of the trainer looked incongruous, and are reminiscent of those of the company's Napier racer of the same period.
The trainer’s 190 h.p. D.H. Gipsy Queen engine was easily removable and drove a fixed-pitch wooden propeller.
The 42ft-span trainer was somewhat larger than the Miles Magister and de Havilland Tiger Moth.
The T.1/37 at Martlesham Heath in December 1938, having been flown there from Heston by Sqn Ldr G. L. G. Richmond on November 17.
Another photograph of the trainer at Martlesham Heath in December 1938. Take-off flap was automatically selected when the throttle was opened.
Two views of the manufacturer’s scale model of the Heston T.1/37 trainer. The design of the aircraft was completed in May 1937 and the full-sized trainer differed from the model only in detail.
Another view of the manufacturer’s model of the trainer.
Heston T.1/37