Westland Witch
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1928

THE WESTLAND WITCH: This is a Day-bomber fitted with Bristol Jupiter VIII Engine.
WESTLAND WITCH: The Witch was produced to meet an Air Ministry specification for a high-flying day bomber, and was first flown in 1928. It was a two-seat parasol monoplane powered by a 480-h.p. Bristol Jupiter VIIIF engine, and the particular form of wing bracing allowed ample space for bomb stowage within the fuselage . Only the prototype, J8596, was produced, the specification being finally abandoned as none of the aircraft built to meet it proved to have enough advantage over existing designs. The Witch was used finally as a parachute crew trainer at Henlow for some time . Span 61 ft.; length 17 ft . 8 in.; loaded weight 6,050 lb.