Dittmar HD.153 Motor-Mowe
Страна: Германия
Год: 1955

DITTMAR HD 153 MOTOR-MOVE. Now ready for delivery at a price - in Germany - of about ?1,200, the HD-153 Motor Move (Motor Gull) is the newest entrant in the light- and roadable-aircraft field. Flugkapitan Heini Dittmar, the designer, was well known before the war as an international Gliding champion. The prototype, D-EBEF, is flying successfully. Preparations for road-towing are simplicity itself; two bolts are withdrawn to release the tail controls, the wing, rudder and tailplane are stowed on top of the fuselage and bolted down, and a dolly with ball coupling is attached to the undercarriage.
Salient features: The fuselage is of wood, plywood covered, with the rear top decking detachable. An entrance door on the left side gives access to the two side-by-side seats, one of which comes out if an extra tank is fitted. Baggage room is at rear of cabin . Dual control is fitted. The wooden wing has a one-piece spar with torsion-box plywood leading edge, and lift spoilers on the top surfaces. The tail unit is of similar construction, the balanced rudder being fabric covered. Spring tabs are fitted to the elevators. A fixed spatted tricycle undercarriage has nose-wheel steering direct from a hand lever in the cabin.
SECOND MOVE (Motor Gull) to design of Heini Dittmar (D-EHYT) differs from prototype (D-EBEF) by having redesigned fin/rudder and more windows.
DITTMAR HD 153 MOTOR-MOVE. Data: Manufacturer : Heini Dittmar-marketed by Carlsen-Aero of Rothenburg. Powerplant : one 65-h.p. Continental, or one 85-h.p. Continental, performance figures in brackets where different. Accommodation: two. Dimensions: span 39 ft . 4 in.; length 21 ft. 4 in.; height 5 ft. 3 in.; wing area 197 sq. ft . Weights: maximum 1,542 lb.; empty 815 1.2 lb.; load 736 lb. Performance: top speed 102.3 m.p.h. (124 m.p.h .) ; cruising speed 89.5 m.p.h . (105.4 m.p.h.); landing speed 37.2 m.p.h. Climb to 3,280 ft . in 7 min. Tankage 16 1.2 gallons giving 4 1.2 hours endurance. With 44 gallon (extra tank), endurance is 13 hours . Consumption 24 m.p.g. Propellor diameter 5.9 ft.