IST XL-14 Maya
Страна: Филиппины
Год: 1953

Единственный экземпляр
Nicknamed "the Flying Basket" owing to its woven-bamboo construction, the sole PAF-IST XL-14 Maya, bearing its experimental category registration PI-X-104 on its fins, taxies out for a test flight circa early 1953. The machine was a co-operative materials-research project developed by the Institute of Science & Technology (IST) and the Philippine Air Force (PAF).
Looking like a Cessna O-1 Bird Dog with twin fins, the Maya prepares to alight after a test flight.
The Maya under construction in Manila. The fuselage was of semi-monocoque structure with wooden stringers and covered with Wobex, the experimental woven-bamboo material made from locally-sourced supplies of the grass.
Final adjustments are made to the complete XL-14 at Manila before its first flight, which some sources state was in December 1952, although there appears to be no definitive information on an exact date, and it may have been early 1953.
The XL-14 Maya, built by the Philippine Institute of Science and Technology, has been flying for some three years. It was built in order to test local materials and investigate the possibilities of aircraft construction in the Philippine Republic . Power is provided by a 100h.p. Lycoming O-235-2 driving a two-bladed wooden airscrew. Top speed is 115 m.p.h. and range 300 miles. Service ceiling is 12,500 ft.