Aircraft Engineering (AEC) Ace
Страна: США
Год: 1919

Flight, April 1920

Flight, April 1920


  Horace Kean Aeroplane Co. - The new K-1 single-seater "Ace" sportplane was exhibited by this firm. This little machine has been designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for the low-priced, simple and safe "fly-about." It has ample strength, and the low landing-speed, good climb and high speed, together with its small dimensions and folding wings, are all features to this end. A simple 4-cylinder water-cooled "Ace" engine is installed, the cowling being so designed that by removing a couple of pins the whole of the engine is readily accessible. A honeycomb radiator is mounted in the nose of the fuselage, in front of the engine. Upper and lower planes are separated by one single interplane strut on each side. The principle specifications are as follows :-
Overall span 25 ft.
Overall span (folded) 9 ft.
Overall length 19 ft. 6 ins.
Overall height 8 ft.
Wing section R.A.F. 15
Area of main planes 185 sq. ft.
Gross weight 832 lbs.
Loading/h.p 20-6 lbs.
Loading/sq. ft. 4-5 lbs.
Maximum speed 80 m.p.h.
Minimum speed 30 m.p.h.
Standing in front of the 1919 single-seat Ace is Mr. Lorrill L. Lowery of 127 Leese Street, San Francisco 10, California. Mr. Lorrill painstakingly rebuilt the Ace (N69097-Restricted) in three years and test flew it for the first time on 27th July 1955. ln order to rebuild other antique (vintage) aircraft, Mr. Lowery plans to devote all the money which will become available when the Ace finds a suitable purchaser.
At the New York Aero Show: The Horace Kean "Ace" K-1 Sport Plane.