Raab/Putzer Moraa
Страна: Германия
Год: 1955

RAAB MORAA PROTOTYPE (D-EBAC) two seater has been considerably developed in the past year. A Porsche replaces the 30-h .p. Volkswagen engine, altering the nose outline. The rudder is deeper and the undercarriage strengthened.
Post-war West German two-seat design seen at Hangelar airfield, near Bonn, on 31st March , is the prototype Raab Moraa - otherwise "Motor-Raab" - built by A. Putzer of Bonn to design of Fritz Raab. Power: 32-h .p. Volkswagen engine; soon to be replaced by 65-h.p. Porsche flat-four in production models. This is a revised, powered version of the Doppel-Raab glider.
One of the more unusual relatives of the tadpole is the Raab Moraa D-EKAD, photographed at Bonn on 16th June.