Short S.38
Short - S.38 - 1912 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1912

Short. Самолеты 1909-1914 годов

   Два самолета со сдвоенным управлением, S.43 и S.44 (являвшихся вариантом S.27), были построены для Центральной летной школы в Апейвоне. Тридцать шесть учебных S.38 со сдвоенным управлением изготовили для Королевских ВМС в 1914-1915 годах, 12 - для "Pemberton-Billing" и "White и Thompson Ltd".
One of the S38s with the c/n. 559 on the heel of the rudder.
The Short S.38 showed Farman influence, but differed in having a nacelle and a front elevator. The engine was a Gnome rotary. In this picture Oswald Short is in the pilot’s seat and Eustace is the passenger.
An Eastchurch school S.38.
A Short pusher biplane (50 h.p. Gnome engine). The tiny front elevator, linked up to the rear elevator, was probably not very effective, but it was useful to the pilot for judging the attitude of his machine.
Short S.32 (also known as the Short School Biplane) at Hendon, 1915.