Valmet Tuuli
Страна: Финляндия
Год: 1951

VALMET TL-III TUULI. The Tuuli is the new primary trainer for the Finnish Air Force and will be available in three versions. As a two-seater with aerobatic qualities; a three-seater for utility purposes; and a four-seater for liaison duties. Besides training duties it can be used as an ambulance and is capable of accommodating a standard-size stretcher. The wing is a light-alloy stressed-skin structure, with the main spar at 25 per cent wing chord. The slotted-type ailerons are light-alloy covered, aerodynamically and mass-balanced, and fitted with balance tabs adjustable on ground. The landing-flaps open 40 degrees, and the ailerons are coupled to the landing-flaps in such a fashion that with the landing-flaps fully open the ailerons are deflected 15 degrees downwards from the basic plane.The fuselage is a light-metal stressed-skin construction. Two main frames, one at the instrument board and the other behind the cargo compartment, divide the fuselage into three separately manufactured parts, the front, middle and rear fuselage, which are riveted together. The extension of the main spar passes under the front seats in the fuselage, to which the fastening points of the main spar of the wings are attached. The fastening point of the auxiliary spar connects with a reinforced fuselage rib. The rudder and the elevators are stressed-skin structures with light-alloy covering. The fin and the stabiliser are firmly attached to the reinforced ribs on the rear fuselage. Landing gear is of the tailwheel type, main-wheels retractable. The front cockpit has two pilot seats arranged side by side and provided with complete dual controls. The main cockpit (pupil pilot) is on the port side.