GAF Jindivik
GAF - Jindivik - 1959 - Австралия
Страна: Австралия
Год: 1959

Pilotless target aircraft
The main drone activity from Llanbedr has long been dominated by the GAF Jindivik. Illustrated is Mk.4A A92-726. This version has been in production since 1981 and with another order underway for DERA, the type will be familiar over Cardigan Bay for a long time to come.
Flying along Cardigan Bay, Wales, a grey-schemed GR.4 of 14 Squadron with a GAF Jindivik, operated from nearby Llanbedr.
Jindiviks were used for all kinds of missile tests; flown remotely from the ground or from the Venoms. Ten were bought by Sweden and flew a total of 104 sorties.
Jindivik Mk.3A target drone on its launching trolley
Royal Swedish Air Force Jindivik leaving its take-off trolley.
Jindivik target drone, airborne after jettisoning its take-off trolley
Jindivik Mk 3A target drone as operated at the RAE, Llanbedr, Wales
GAF Jindivik Mk 3B target drone with high-altitude wing extensions
The first Jindivik Mk.102B pilotless target drone to be modified and assembled in this country by Fairey Engineering Ltd., flew for the first lime on 19th July.
Jindivik Mk 3B target drone landing on its underfuselage skid after a mission
The Jindivik Family a. Pika manned prototype with Armstrong Siddeley Adder engine b. Jindivik Mk 1 with Adder engine c. Early Jindivik Mk 2 with Bristol-Siddeley Viper ASV.3 engine d. Jindivik Mk 3 with Viper 201 engine, Mk 5 wing pods and 40in (1,02m) extended span wing tip panels e. Jindivik Mk 4 with Mk 9 wing pods and faired towed target carriers
GAF Jindivik, as projected with air cushion landing system designed by Bell Aerospace