Scintex Rubis
Страна: Франция
Год: 1961

Four/five-seat light monoplane
Scintex ML 250 Rubis (250 hp Lycoming O-540 engine)
First Scintex ML.250 Rubis to visit the U.K., F-BJME, c/n. 101, flew from Moisselles to Shoreham 8/7/64
Scintex ML 250 Rubis (250 hp Lycoming O-540 engine)
Scintex ML-145 Rubis. THE PROTOTYPE ML-145 Rubis made its initial flight during last May and is aimed at the market now catered for by the Piper Comanche. The Rubis seats four passengers, two sets of two in side-by-side seats, under a large canopy which is distinctive with its unobstructed side windows and one-piece windscreen. The aircraft can be used for the transportation of company executives or used as an air tourer. The powerplant consists of one 145-h.p. Continental O-300B engine which provides a maximum speed of 155 m.p.h. The main landing gear wheels are electrically retracted and have a manual emergency system, but the tailwheel is fixed. Dual controls, blind-flying instruments, VHF/ HF radio and radio compass are standard fittings and there is ample baggage space behind the rear seats. Provision is made for glider-towing. Data: Wing span 33 ft. 8 in., length 25 ft. 5 in., loaded weight 2,337 lb., empty weight 1,310 lb., maximum speed 155 m.p.h., cruising speed 144 m.p.h., range 850 miles.