Dabos JD.24P D'Artagnan
Страна: Франция
Год: 1963

Единственный экземпляр
Twin-engined light monoplane
DURING THE PAST few years several light aircraft have been designed by Sud Aviation employees that embody versatile concepts and show themselves amenable to progressive refinement and development for production purposes. One of these has been produced by Jean Dabos, who is a test pilot with the company. Known as the JD-24P d'Artagnan, it first flew on 10th March 1963.
  The prototype of this twin-engined aircraft was built by Andre Courtade of Auch and was originally powered by two 105-h.p. four-cylinder Potez 4E engines driving two-blade fixed-pitch propellers. Accommodation is provided for four persons in pairs in the enclosed cabin with space available for luggage. Several features of this low-wing aircraft are noteworthy; the wing and the fuselage are of plywood-covered wood construction, the former incorporating two-spar construction. The undercarriage in the prototype was of the retractable tailwheel type, but in 1965-6 the design was modified for production by Ateliers Gerard Brobecker and a lighter and more roomy fuselage was incorporated, together with an all-moving one-piece tailplane and a fixed undercarriage. In this form the aircraft is now available with either 115-h.p. Lycoming or 100-h.p. Rolls-Royce Continental engines, in addition to the possible installation of the Potez powerplants.


Type JD-24P d'Artagnan
Seats 4
Engines 2x115 h.p. Lycoming or 100 h.p. Continental
Span 33 ft. 4 1/2 in.
Overall Length 22 ft. 24 in.
Max. Take-off Weight 2,535 lb.
Take-off run 660 ft.
Range 680 miles
JD-24P d'Artagnan with fixed undercarriage
Dabos JD-24P d’Artagnan (two 105 hp Potez 4 E engines)