Evans VP-1 Volksplane / VP-2
Страна: США
Год: 1968

Single-seat homebuilt aircraft
Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Evans VP-1 (USA)
   Single-seat light monoplane, plans for which are available to amateur constructors.

Evans VP-2 (USA)
   Two-seat development of the VP-1, plans for which are available to amateur constructors.
Richard Husbanp (smoking pipe) and his VP-1 at Sywell
Evans Volksplane G-BAAD at Rush Green with the seldom-photographed Citabria G-AYXU behind;
Evans VP-1 single-seat amateur-built aircraft
John Dunlord, O.C. the PFA's VP-1 Squadron, takes his own picture of Evans VP-1 G-BAAD, subject of this air test.
Evans VP-1, built in the UK by Mr J. S. Penny
Evans VP-1 single-seat amateur-built aircraft
Evans VP-1.
Evans VP-2 two-seat homebuilt monoplane (60 hp Volkswagen engine)
Wosika Mohog, an extensively modified homebuilt version of the Evans VP-1 Volksplane
Cunning Volksplane light sporting aircraft (65 tip Continental A65-8 engine)
The recently completed 65hp Arrow engined Evans VP-2 G-BRLJ awaiting its first flight at North Weald at the end of August 1991.
The first of two Evans VP.2s built by the pupils and teaching staff of Truro School, Cornwall, should be flying soon.
Fuselage consists basically of three bulkheads, stern post, four longerons and plywood skin
The wings have internal dowel compression struts and diagonal wire bracing
G-BAAD's cockpit