Evans VP-1 Volksplane
Страна: США
Год: 1968

Single-seat homebuilt aircraft
Richard Husbanp (smoking pipe) and his VP-1 at Sywell
Evans Volksplane G-BAAD at Rush Green with the seldom-photographed Citabria G-AYXU behind;
Evans VP-1 single-seat amateur-built aircraft
John Dunlord, O.C. the PFA's VP-1 Squadron, takes his own picture of Evans VP-1 G-BAAD, subject of this air test.
Evans VP-1 single-seat amateur-built aircraft
Evans VP-2 two-seat homebuilt monoplane (60 hp Volkswagen engine)
Cunning Volksplane light sporting aircraft (65 tip Continental A65-8 engine)
Fuselage consists basically of three bulkheads, stern post, four longerons and plywood skin
The wings have internal dowel compression struts and diagonal wire bracing
G-BAAD's cockpit