ICA IS-28 / IS-29
Страна: Румыния
Год: 1970

Tandem two-seat school and training sailplane
ICA-Brasov IS-28 tandem two-seat training sailplane
IS-28B tandem two-seat high-performance training sailplane
Morisonics displayed the prototype IS-28BM2 motor-glider built by ICA-Brasov of Romania. Based on the IS-28 sailplane and powered by a 68 h.p. Limbach engine, its best engine-off glide angle is a remarkable 1:29.
Romanian motor-glider, ICA-Brasov IS-28BM2, YR-1013, with 68-h.p. Sportavia Limbach engine
IS-29B single-seat Standard Class sailplane produced by ICA-Brasov
IS-29D single-seat Standard Class sailplane produced by ICA-Brasov
IS-29E single-seat high-performance Open Class sailplane, with 17-6 m span all-metal wings
IS-29G, club version ot this design by Dipl Ing Silimon, with 16.5 m span all-metal wings
Three-view drawing of the IS-28B-M1 tandem two-seat powered sailplane, with scrap views showing the side-by-side seating and non-retractable landing gear of the IS-28B-M2 version