Scheibe SF-25 Motorfalke
Scheibe - SF-25 Motorfalke - 1963 - Германия
Страна: Германия
Год: 1963

Two-seat powered sailplane, particularly suitable for basic and advanced training
Scheibe Motorfalke powered sailplane (28 hp Solo engine)
Slingsby T.61, licence-built version of the Scheibe SF-25B powered sailplane
Scheibe SF-25B (SF-25C-S ???) Falke side-by-side two-seat powered sailplane
SF-25C-S Falke, developed from the SF-25B with redesigned fuselage, engine cowl flap and feathering propeller
Scheibe SF-25E Super-Falke motor glider, with increased wing span
The R.A.F.G.S.A.’s Superfalke G-BEGG at Finmere 6/3/77;
British-registered Scheibe SF-28 Tandem-Falke powered sailplane
Scheibe SF-28 Tandem-Falke two-seat powered sailplane (60 hp Limbach SL 1700 EA 1 engine)
First Vickers-Slingsby T61E Venture Mk.2 for the Air Cadets, XZ550 was exhibited at R.A.F. Finningley during the Queen's Silver Jubilee Review of the R A.F. on 29th July 1977
Scheibe SF-29 single-seat powered sailplane
Modified propeller and exhaust silencer fitted to SF-25C