SET SET 3 / 31 / 4 / 41
Страна: Румыния
Год: 1928

A pair of SET-3s during a training flight in the early 1930s.
SET-31 training biplane proved to be suitable for various tasks
SET-31 No 11, was the first SET aircraft to receive a civilian registration. CV-NIC’s owner, Prince Nicolae, made several long range flights in it. On August 18, 1931, new regulations came in changing the Romanian registration prefix and the aircraft was reregistered YR-ABA. It was later transferred to the FARR’s fighter fleet.
SET-31 No 17 was one of the last survivors. The wingless airframe was used for parachute experiments in the summer of 1941. The yellow ring, denoting an ‘Axis’ aircraft has been painted on the fuselage, but the new FARR markings, the so-called ‘Michael cross’ has not been applied. This came into effect from May 1941.
A Romanian SET on a visit to Italy. Perhaps it is the SET-41R flown in July 1933 on a nine-day European tour, but doubtless others will supply more detailed information.
A ROUMANIAN VENTURE: The S.E.T. 61 on which Prince Ghica is attempting a record flight from Bucharest to Saigon, Indo China.
SET-31G, a modified series production aircraft with additional fuel tanks. It was in this aircraft that Ionel Ghica flew from Bucharest to China and back.
A SET-4H training and light communications seaplane. This was the only Romanian seaplane design to see service.
‘Pilot’s Monument’ performed by the SET-4 No 18. This was the first series production SET aircraft to carry armament.