SET SET 3 / 31 / 4 / 41
Страна: Румыния
Год: 1928

A pair of SET-3s during a training flight in the early 1930s.
SET-31 training biplane proved to be suitable for various tasks
A Romanian SET on a visit to Italy. Perhaps it is the SET-41R flown in July 1933 on a nine-day European tour, but doubtless others will supply more detailed information.
A ROUMANIAN VENTURE: The S.E.T. 61 on which Prince Ghica is attempting a record flight from Bucharest to Saigon, Indo China.
SET-31G, a modified series production aircraft with additional fuel tanks. It was in this aircraft that Ionel Ghica flew from Bucharest to China and back.
‘Pilot’s Monument’ performed by the SET-4 No 18. This was the first series production SET aircraft to carry armament.