Slingsby T.6/T.23 Kirby Kite
Slingsby - T.6/T.23 Kirby Kite - 1935 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1935

On July 25, 1993 at Brooklands, the site of Britain’s first gliding school, Kirby Kite BGA251 made its first flight in over 50 years; the pilot was Bob Boyd, seen here.
A 1939 Kirby Kite 1 landing at Wycombe Air Park in 1985.
The new Kirby Kite, the first gull-wing sailplane to be built in England. The designer and builder is Mr. F. Slingsby, and the machine was flown by Mr. L. Neilan.
A picture for students of wing design: The Imperial College of Science team’s Kirby Kite at Dunstable in July 1938.
Ted Hull’s Slingsby Kirby Kite I BGA394 on a winch launch.
A privately owned Kirby Kite sailplane at the London Gliding Club’s site at Dunstable. Note the gull wing, tapered and washed-out tips, and oval fuselage.
Three immaculate Kirby Kite 1s lined up at Long Mynd. All were built in the Thirties.
Three Kirby Kite single-seat sailplanes at Haddenham (Thame) in 1941.
Mr. J. H. Stephenson is seen above in the Kirby Kite which he previously owned.
R.C.G. Slazenger, in the Cambridge Club's Kirby Kite, rose 7,200ft. in a storm cloud.
The first prang in the history of British military gliding - on the roof of the Sergeants’ Mess, Thame, 1941.