Slingsby T.6 / T.23 Kirby Kite / T.9 King Kite
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1935

A 1939 Kirby Kite 1 landing at Wycombe Air Park in 1985.
The new Kirby Kite, the first gull-wing sailplane to be built in England. The designer and builder is Mr. F. Slingsby, and the machine was flown by Mr. L. Neilan.
Three immaculate Kirby Kite 1s lined up at Long Mynd. All were built in the Thirties.
Three Kirby Kite single-seat sailplanes at Haddenham (Thame) in 1941.
T-9 King Kite
There is something specially attractive about sailplanes on their native heath. On photo is one of the King Kites with a background of Fulda Valley; Mr. J. C. Neilan, one of the pilots of the machine, is second from the left in the group.
Mr. G. O. Smith in one of the new King Kites.
INTERNATIONAL: A scene at the Wasserkuppe on the first day of the International Gliding Competition. In the foreground can he seen Mrs. Ronald Price at the wing tip of her King Kite, while behind is the Hjordis, which is being handled by Messrs. P. A. Wills and J. C. Neilan.
The first prang in the history of British military gliding - on the roof of the Sergeants’ Mess, Thame, 1941.