Aerocar (Taylor) IMP / Mini-IMP
Страна: США
Год: 1976

Two-seat homebuilt light aircraft
Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Aerocar Imp (USA)

   Currently under development, the Aerocar Imp is a single-engined homebuilt light aircraft embodying many design features of the Aerocar. Accommodation comprises two seats side-by-side and two rear folding seats. Latest plans are for the installation of two 1,0 cc 74.5 kW (100 hp) motorcycle engines geared to drive a single propeller.

Aerocar Micro-Imp (USA)

   Similar to the Mini-Imp but built primarily of glassfibre-reinforced paper. Construction of a prototype began in December 1978.

Aerocar Mini-Imp (USA)

   Single-seat version of the Aerocar Imp. The basic all-metal structure is easily assembled and a folding wing facilitates construction in small areas. Plans and kits of parts for the Mini-Imp are available. By 1979 more than 100 amateur-built examples were under construction and several were flying. Recommended power plant is the turbocharged Revmaster 2100 D.
Aerocar Mini-Imp.
Aerocar Mini-Imp single-seat homebuilt aircraft (1,900 cc Limbach engine)
Molt Taylor, centre, provides a graphic demonstration of the lightness of his Micro Imp, which will sell in kit form, minus engine, for less than $500.
Scale radio-controlled model of the Aerocar Imp