Tecnam P2006T
Tecnam - P2006T - 2007 - Италия
Страна: Италия
Год: 2007

The P2006T is one of the lightest twin-engined aircraft in the world.
The Chilean Navy is considering purchasing several P2006T MRI aircraft to replace its ageing Cessna O-2 Skymaster aircraft. It wants up to eight, but initial procurement may only be for three or four examples.
By 2014 Indra hopes to have the necessary software to operate the MRI as a true optionally piloted vehicle.
The MRI equipped with two reliable and economic-to-maintain Rotax engines, so that it could offer lower operating costs than other medium-sized
Indra chose the Technam partly because it has retractable landing gear, a high wing configuration and can operate from semi-prepared runways.
Although its use is primarily focused on maritime operations, the MRI can also undertake missions over land.
One of the MRI's principal selling points is that it’s not subject to export restrictions because its sensors and equipment are built in Europe.
The P2006T MRI can operate day and night with a time on station of between five and six hours.
Indra believes the P2006T MRI would complement larger maritime patrol platforms, such as the P-3 Orion or C295 Persuader.
The Ultra Force 275 HD camera is one of the most compact of its kind on the market. The housing of the Seaspray 5000E radar is furthest to the camera.
The flightdeck of the P2006T MRI is equipped with the digital Garmin 950 advanced avionics system, which only requires one pilot with a PPL/ME rating.
The systems operator has a rear station equipped with a touchscreen display from which they can rapidly manage the data received by the aircraft’s sensors.
The ground support station is able to remotely control the sensors on the MRI. To do this it is equipped with a line of sight two-way communications link, although there is also an option to install a satellite communications system.
Three-dimensional diagrams showing the three crew positions and the major mission systems installed in the forward fuselage of the P2006T MRI.