Boeing Boeing 737-300
Boeing - Boeing 737-300 - 1984 - США
Страна: США
Год: 1984

Twin-turbofan airliner

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Boeing Model 737

   В марте 1981 года компания "Boeing" анонсировала Model 737-300 как улучшенный и несколько увеличенный варианте двигателями нового поколения CFM56-3 тягой 88,96 кН, позже тягу довели до 97,86 кН. Серию "Classic" дополнили варианты повышенной вместимости 737-400 и пониженной - 737-500. В ноябре 1993 года была заявлена серия "Next Generation" с более крупным крылом, увеличенной крейсерской скоростью и большей дальностью. Существенное количество Model 737 закупили ВВС США для замены учебно-штурманских самолетов Convair T-29. С фирмой "Boeing" заключили контракт на поставку таких самолетов под обозначением T-43A (позже изменено на CT-43A). Военный вариант выполнил первый полет 10 апреля 1973 года, все заказанные самолеты поставлены до конца июля 1974-го. В целом CT-43A близок к коммерческому 737-200, но имеет специализированное бортовое оборудование. Когда в середине 1980-х годов ВВС США отказались от использования специальных учебно-штурманских самолетов, CT-43A стали использоваться как транспортные.


   Model 737-300: первый в серии "Classic" с удлиненным на 2,59 м фюзеляжем, вместимость доведена до 128 пассажиров в типовой конфигурации с салонами двух классов. Первый 737-300 поднялся в воздух в феврале 1984 года, поставки в "US Airways" и "Southwest Airlines" начались в ноябре; выпускался как стандартный авиалайнер и как Executive Jet
   Model 737-500: самый маленький вариант серии "Classic". Первый полет выполнил в июне 1989 года, первый самолет передан "Southwest Airlines" в феврале 1990-го в конфигурации на 108 пассажиров в салонах двух классов
The Boeing 737-400 was certificated in 535 hours flown by two aircraft in six months, with Type Approval confirmed by the FAA on 2 September 1988.
First of the stretched Boeing 737-400s into the air, on 19 February 1988, N73700 shown here was in Boeing's house livery and bore on its forward fuselage the logos of the nine companies that had ordered the variant by that date.
The three 737-300s used for the flight test and demonstration programme - all destined eventually to be delivered to US Air. A Delta 737-200 and the Boeing-owned 757 provide scale in the background.
The No 2 test aircraft, making a high-speed taxi run, clearly reveals the unusual engine nacelle shape.
The Boeing 737-300 has CFM56-3 engines where the smaller-diameter JT8Ds were originally fitted. To make this possible, the nacelle has been designed to accommodate the engine accessories on either side of the fan casing, and with a flattened intake to give sufficient ground clearance.
During November Aer Lingus took delivery of two new Boeing 737-300s (EI-BUD illus.) which will be used on the airline’s Dublin-London service
Boeing 737-400 перед перелетом в Украину
AirCal, which has ordered nine 737-300s on ils own account, is also leasing three from International Lease Finance Corporation; taking delivery of the latter in February, AirCal became the third US airline to operate the new type.
Air France Boeing 737-500s have now replaced F.28s on the weekday Bristol/Lulsgate - Paris/CDG service. F-GJNA is illustrated.
Air One competes strongly with Alitalia on main routes within Italy, but Minerva uses its Dornier 328s on franchise services on behalf of the national carrier.
To counter increasing jet competition in the region, the airline acquired Boeing 737-5Y0 DQ-FJB on lease from GPA in June 1992 and it remains current.
Air UK leased three -400s from GPA to allow it to become the second airline to put the latest Boeing into service.
Boeing 737-400 государственной авиакомпании "Международные авиалинии Украины"
CP Air has added three Boeing 737-300s to its Attache service, which was launched last November 1985 as “an airline within an airline”.
First of two Monarch Boeing 737-3Y0s which went to Aviateca on lease. It was delivered via Keflavik on November 7, 1989. It is G-DHSW (c/n 23495)
Pictured on the approach to Heathrow on 8/1/92, Boeing 737-500 LZ-BOC is one of the new western aircraft now in service with Balkan Bulgarian
Typical Mr Boeing line-up, left to right Being 737-300, Boeing 737-200 no longer in production and the Boeing 767-200 of Britannia Airways 767-200 at London-Luton.
Boeing 737-3Y0 G-DHSW left Luton for St. John's, Newfoundland, on 12/11/87 C-FPWD for winter operation by Canadian Pacific. The machine is expected to rejoin Monarch Airlines' fleet in the spring
Corse Air's leased Boeing 737-300 EI-BTF at Luqa, 3rd May 1987
Go’s 737s are under contract with FLS for maintenance.
14 декабря 2018г. иорданская авиакомпания Jordan Aviation начала выполнять рейсы в Украину. В Международном аэропорту Киев им. Игоря Сикорского впервые приземлился ее Boeing 737-300 (борт JY-JAY). Теперь каждую пятницу будут выполнять рейс Амман-Киев-Амман.
Boeing 737-400
The first Boeing 737-300 in Europe is now entering service with the British IT operator Orion Airways.
Orion Airways became the first non-US airline to take delivery of a Boeing 737-300 when it received the first of four on order on 1 February 1985. The East Midlands-based tour operator is promoting the new aircraft as the Boeing 737SQ (for Super Quiet).
Boeing 737-330 первой в России авиакмопании-дискаунтера SkyExpress
One of the high-density (up to 168 passengers) 737-400s operating a Sabena flight to Manchester in February 1994.
Boeing 737-3Q8 EC-EDM, c/n. 23388, of new Spanish operator Universe Air was still in basic Sun Country livery when it was used to operate a Monarch Airlines flight from Newcastle on 6/7/87
Viva Air has re-registered several of its Boeing 737-300s. EC-FER, which first visited Heathrow on 13/8/1991, is ex EC-594/EC-ELJ while EC-FFB and EC-FFC, which were at Heathrow on 28/8, are ex EC-592/EC-EII and EC-591 /EC-EHX
Pictured at Luton on 24/11/91, Euro Berlin France's Boeing 737-3YO G-MONL has been returned to lessors GPA International
Трансформация в грузовой самолета Boeing 737 в ангаре компании Bedek Aviation Group
Летающая лаборатория CATBird на базе Боинга-737
A close-up of the CFM56-3 installation in the 737-300, showing the accessibility of the engine through the hinged cowlings.