Ikarus S-49
Ikarus - S-49 - 1948 - Югославия
Страна: Югославия
Год: 1948

Истребитель югославского производства С-49С, считающийся прямым потомком Як-9П, выставленный в Белградском авиационном музее.
Progeny of the Air Force Technical Institute: The S-49C fighter for which Soko produced the wings and tail unit.
The S-49C was an all-metal, extensively revised derivative of the S-49A
One of the S-49A fighters, more than 100 of which were built in the early 'fifties.
The production S-49A. Yugoslavia’s first post-WW II combat aircraft of indigenous design.
The S-49C being illustrated by the general arrangement drawing, the upper side profile illustrating the S-49A