Weymann Type 66
Страна: Франция
Год: 1933

Flight, February 1934

Flight, February 1934


   MOST of the French "Colonial" aircraft which have been built during the past three or four years have been high-wing monoplanes. An interesting aircraft designed for reconnaissance, wireless work, photography, bombing, troop carrying and ambulance work under colonial conditions has been produced by the French Societe des Avions C. T. Weymann. The general design may be seen in the photograph. Known as the type 66, Col. 3, the aircraft is an equal-span biplane with a cabin of very small ground clearance. The wings are of conventional two-spar design constructed of metal and covered with fabric. The upper plane is in three sections, while the lower plane is in two. Welded steel tubular construction is used for the fuselage with fabric covering. Besides the normal wheels of the split type undercarriage, a third wheel is accommodated in the nose. Messier oleo legs of long travel are used, and wheel brakes and a tail wheel complete an undercarriage well suited for operation from bad country. The pilots' cockpit is in the nose and is provided with two seats and dual controls. Behind this compartment is the navigation equipment and wireless to the rear of which is the bomber's position. The arrangement of the empennage, the main members of which are of steel tubing covered with fabric, may be seen in the photograph. The elevator is located between the two large transverse members and is closed in at each end by a rudder. Three Lorraine "Algol" engines of 300 h.p. are fitted, the central engine being mounted level with the top plane, while the outboard engines are slung under the wing. The airscrew arcs overlap.

   Span 50 ft. 4 in.
   Length 36 ft. 7 in.
   Wing area 688 sq.ft.
   Power 900 h.p.
   Weight, empty 7,700 lb.
   Gross weight in flying order 11,000 lb.
   Power loading 12-2 lb./h.p.
   Wing loading 16 lb./sq. ft.
   Top speed 149 m.p.h.
   Cruising speed 124 m.p.h.
   Ceiling 18,000 ft.
   Ceiling (on two engines) 11,500 ft.
   Range 620 miles.
Weymann GTW-66