Orenco B
Страна: США
Год: 1917

Единственный экземпляр
Flight, April 1920

Flight, April 1920


   To designate the products of its aircraft department the Ordnance Engineering Corporation, who have been building military aeroplanes in the United States for more than three years, has adopted the name "Orenco."
   During the War the designers of Orenco aeroplanes were constantly in close touch with the military authorities engaged in developing up-to-date training and fighting aircraft for the rapidly-increasing U.S. air service. The first Orenco plane, the Type "A," was a two-seater primary training tractor with dual control and side-by-side seating, and experience showed that students were trained in less time than when the tandem style of seating was used.
   The Type "B" pursuit fighter, a fast plane designed to carry a novel arrangement of experimental machine guns, is one of the fastest planes of its kind. With a 160 h.p. Gnome engine, the speed is said to be 135 m.p.h., whilst the landing-speed is as low as 45 m.p.h. The general design is pleasing, the merging of the circular cross-section in front to the rectangular cross-section of the fuselage in the rear being very neatly carried out. The pilot, whose head is almost level with the top plane, has an exceptionally good range of vision.
   The urgent need for advanced training planes led to the conversion of this plane to a training machine called the Type "C." This plane with an 80 h.p. Le Rhone engine was identical in all other respects to the Type "B"; its high speed was 102 m.p.h.,and the landing-speed was only 40 m.p.h.
   Other Orenco designs for military planes include the "C 2" advanced training plane; the "C 3" pursuit training plane; the "C 4" cross-country plane; the 400 h.p. Type "E" armoured fighter; the Type "E 2" infantry liaison plane, and the twin-motored (tractor) Type "H 2" artillery observation and fighting aeroplane. The latter has a deep rectangular fuselage with gun positions in the nose and at the rear of the main planes. The Warren type of interplane bracing is employed. The top plane, which is much larger than the lower plane, is built up in three sections, and the lower plane in four. The engines are carried in neat streamline housing midway between the top and bottom planes. All control surfaces are balanced.
   For general passenger carrying and sporting uses, where lakes and rivers are available, there is the Type "I" four-seater flying-boat. A closed hood covers the passengers' and pilots' compartments, protecting them from wind and spray. It is of the "Bat Boat" class, having a short, single-stepped hull, and outriggers carrying the tail planes. The engine is mounted high up above the bull, and drives a pusher screw.
Side view of the "Orenco" Type "B" pursuit single-seater fighter
Orenco Type B Pursuit Fighter 160 h.p. Gnome Engine
Orenco Type C-2 Pursuit Training Plane 80 h.p. le Rhone Engine
Orenco Type C-4 Cross-country 2-Seater 80 h.p. le Rhone Engine
Orenco Type H-2 Coast Artillery & Observation Plane Two 300 h.p. Hispano-Suiza Engines
Orenco Type I 4-Seater Sport Boat 150 h.p. Hispano-Suiza Engine