Dayton-Wright OW-1 Aerial Coupe
Страна: США
Год: 1919

Единственный экземпляр
Flight, April 1920

Flight, April 1920


  The O-W coupe, or Sedan, is also a three-seater machine, and is very luxuriously fitted up. The cabin is roomy and provided with large unbreakable glass windows, giving good visibility. It is stated that the enclosed cabin considerably deadens the noise of the engine, enabling conversation to be carried on in a normal tone of voice. The engine is a 180 h.p. model E. Hispano-Suiza, mounted in the nose of the fuselage behind a circular radiator.

The specifications is :-
Overall span 46 ft.
Overall length 28 ft. 9 ins.
Overall height 9 ft.
Chord 6 ft. 6 ins.
Stagger -
Wing section R.A.F. 15
Area of main planes 534 sq. ft.
Gross weight 2,492 lbs.
Useful load 1,042 lbs.
Loading/h.p. 13-85 lbs.
Loading/sq. ft. 4-66 lbs.
Maximum speed 95 m.p.h.
Minimum speed 35 m.p.h.
Range (cruising) 10 hours
Fuel capacity 70 gallons
Oil capacity 7 gallons
Engine His.-Suiza E. 180 h.p.
At the New York Aero Show: The Dayton-Wright O-W Aerial Sedan.