Chotia Weedhopper
Страна: США
Год: 1977

Picture depicts the Weedhopper, one of America’s most popular microlights.
The two Weedhopper variants flying at Oshkosh were the Standard, with 28ft wing span, and the Soaring Wing Weedhopper, with 34ft wing span.
Weedhopper microlights are being mass-produced in kit form in Utah, USA. The company even produces a two-seat trainer version.
Sales of the single-place version passed the 1,000 mark in December 1980. Available in kit form, the single place Weedhopper sells in the USA at $3,395. The two-place version can be assembled in 50hr and costs $4,495.
Scheduled to go on March 1981 is the two-place Weedhopper. Powered by a Chotia 460-B engine the aircraft cruises at 30 m.p.h. and stalls at 20 m.p.h.