Dayton-Wright RB-1 / Dayton-Wright Racer
Страна: США
Год: 1920

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Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Dayton-Wright RB Racer (USA)
  Very advanced single-seat cantilever high-wing (variable camber) racing monoplane, built to compete in the 1920 Gordon Bennett Aviation Cup Race. Pilot sat inside the fuselage, with side windows only. Landing gear retracted into fuselage. Powered by one 186.3 kW (250 hp) Hall/Scott Liberty Six. Maximum level speed approximately 320km/h (200 mph).
Dayton-Wright RB Racer.
THE GORDON-BENNETT RACE: The Dayton-Wright in flight. Note the clean appearance resulting from drawing the undercarriage into the fuselage
A Gordon-Bennett Entry from U.S.A. This sketch gives a general idea of the Dayton Wright machine. It is said to have a speed of 215 m.p.h. The undercarriage and wheels are drawn up within the fuselage when in flight. The planes are of the variable camber type.