WACO 1 Cootie (Weaver)
Страна: США
Год: 1920

Flight, November 1920
The W.A.C.O. "Cootie" built by the Weaver Aircraft Co., of Lorain, Ohio

Flight, November 1920

The W.A.C.O. "Cootie" built by the Weaver Aircraft Co., of Lorain, Ohio

   The "Cootie" is a single-seater parasol monoplane, fitted with a 30 h.p. 2-cyl. horizontally opposed air-cooled Marble engine. Its designers are Elwood J. Junkin and Clayton J. Brukner, who have aimed at producing a "Ford of the Air," in which quick get-away, fast climb, low landing-speed and light, strong and simple construction are the primary characteristics.
   The machine has a flat gliding angle, which together with the parasol arrangement of the wings gives a good range of vision, and the low landing speed of 35 m.p.h., makes for safe flying and landing. Special attention has been given in designing the machine so as to require the minimum of attention and adjustment. For instance, the usual wire bracing has been replaced by quick detachable steel tubes, which also add considerably to the strength of the wing structure. The wings, which have the U.S.A.4 section, embody several features that simplify production and give extreme strength and light weight. The fuselage is of ply-wood construction throughout, eliminating practically all wiring and fittings.
   The empennage consists of an easily detached non-lifting horizontal stabiliser to which are hinged elevator flaps, and a balanced rudder, having ample surface to ensure complete control in handling the machine on the ground. The elevators are operated by a steel tube connecting the control stick to a crank projecting downward, within the fuselage, from leading edge of the divided elevator, this member, of course, passing right across the, fuselage. Lateral control obtained by warping the wings.
   The landing chassis consists of two 5-ply laminated streamlined V members, to which the axle is secured by rubber shock-absorbers.
   The engine, which develops 30 h.p. at 1,450 r.p.m. and weighs 128 lbs., complete, drives direct a tractor screw of 6 ft. diameter and 4 ft. 9 ins; pitch. The principal characteristics of the "Cootie" are :-
   Overall span 22 ft.
   Chord 4ft.
   Overall length 16 ft.
   Total wing area 85 sq .ft.
   Weight, empty 280 lbs.
   Useful load 200 lbs.
   Loading per sq. ft. 5.6 lbs.
   Loading per h.p. 16 lbs.
   Speed range 35-65 m.p.h.
   Climb 4,000 ft. in 10 mins.
American Sportplane: The W.A.C.O. "Cootie" parasol monoplane