Zeppelin-Lindau (Dornier) Rs.III
Zeppelin-Lindau (Dornier) - Rs.III - 1917 - Германия
Страна: Германия
Год: 1917
Летающая лодка

Flight, December 1920
The Do.Rs.III, 1916-17

Flight, December 1920

The Do.Rs.III, 1916-17

   The next machine in the series of Dornier flying boats was the Rs.III, in which the four 260 h.p. Maybach engines were again placed between the wing and the boat hull. The tail planes were, however, carried on a fuselage resting on the top of the monoplane wing, this fuselage being totally covered in. The tail, incidentally, was of the biplane form, and there were no lower wing roots. In their place lateral stability on the sea was obtained by making the boat hull very wide, although shallow. The wing bracing was also changed, strut bracing being discarded in favour of cable bracing. Possibly the adoption of the covered-in fuselage above the wings aimed at improving the lateral stability of the machine in the air, by providing lateral fin surface above the e.g. It might be mentioned that a similar arrangement was suggested either immediately before or during the first part of the War by Herr Ursinus, Editor of the German aviation journal Flugsport.
The Do.Rs.III: In this machine the tail is carried on a fuselage placed above the wing.
The Do.Rs.III: Front View.