Heath Feather
Страна: США
Год: 1922

Flight, July 1922

Flight, July 1922


  THE problem of designing and constructing a successful small, low-powered sporting aeroplane is undoubtedly a very interesting one, and this week we record an effort in this direction, once again hailing from America, where this type of machine receives no small amount of attention. The machine in question, called the "Feather," has been built by the Heath Aeroplane Co., Inc., of Chicago, to the designs of Mr. E. B. Heath. Unfortunately, detailed particulars of this little 'bus are lacking at the moment of writing, but we give herewith some illustrations and the principal characteristics.
  As will be seen, it is a single-seater tractor biplane on more or less conventional lines, having a single pair of struts each side and a healthy three-wheeled landing chassis. The fuselage is of good streamline form, and it will be noticed that the ailerons, fitted to the top planes only, are of substantial proportions, no doubt a desirable feature on a small span machine (24 ft.).
  It is fitted with a 2-cyl. air-cooled "Thor" (Model 15A) motor-cycle engine - for which the machine was specially designed - modified in certain details to meet the requirements of aerial work. For instance, specially heavy gears have been fitted, the gear reduction being 3 1/2 to 1. The engine speed is in the neighbourhood of 3,000 r.p.m.
  A somewhat novel feature is to be found in the air screw employed on this machine. It will be seen on reference to the illustrations that two small blades are built into the screw at right angles to the blades proper. These auxiliary blades are provided for the purpose of increasing the slipstream over the engine cylinders, thus assisting in the cooling of the latter. It is stated that this arrangement is only necessary in the summer months, and for the cool weather an ordinary two-bladed screw, 6 ft. 6 ins. diameter by 5 ft. 6 ins. pitch, is employed.
  We understand that trial flights have been carried out with this machine, and that it flies remarkably well.
  The principal characteristics of the "Feather" are as follows :-
  Span 24 ft.
  Overall length 18 ft.
  Overall height 6 ft. 6 ins.
  Chord 4 ft.
  Gap 4 ft.
  Stagger 15°
  Dihedral angle (lower) 1 1/2°
  Angle of incidence 4°
  Area of main planes 165 sq. ft.
  Area of ailerons 20 sq. ft.
  Area of tail plane 5 sq. ft.
  Area of elevators 7 sq. ft.
  Area of fin 2-5 sq. ft.
  Area of rudder 4 sq. ft.
  Weight empty 350 lbs.
  Weight loaded 550 lbs.
  Wing loading 3-5 lbs./sq. ft.
  Power loading 27-5 lbs./h.p.
  Speed range 29-60 m.p.h.
  Climb 800 ft./min.
  Ceiling 5,000 ft.
  Range (full speed) 55 miles.
The Heath Single-Seater Sport - 'Plane: Three-quarter front view.
THE HEATH SINGLE-SEATER SPORT-'PLANE: Some details. On the left a view of the 20 h.p. Thor motor-cycle engine. On the right, bottom, the tractor screw with auxiliary blades for cooling the cylinders. Above, a three-quarter rear view of the machine.