Dresden D-B01 Stehaufchen
Страна: Германия
Год: 1921
Единственный экземпляр
Flight, September 1922

Flight, September 1922

The Dresden Machines. - Flugtechnische Verein, Dresden, were represented by two machines, one a monoplane designed this year, which does not appear to have accomplished very much, and the other last year's machine, a biplane known as the F.V.D. 1921. This machine is shown in the accompanying photographs, and its main dimensions are given in the table of characteristics. It is a biplane of fairly orthodox design, and, like the Darmstadt machines, lands on skids. Piloted by Seiferth and Spies, the Dresden biplane won first prize for total duration in the air, with 1,851 secs. This aggregate was, of course, obtained as a result of a great number of flights. This machine also won second prize in the distance competition, with a distance of 2-7 km. (1-7 miles), and sundry other prizes.
The Dresden biplane is shown just after getting away. Note the two men holding the starting rope.
The Darmstadt monoplane, piloted by Bottsch, flying over the Dresden biplane.
Dresden Biplane 1921/22