Liore et Olivier LeO H.10
Страна: Франция
Год: 1923

Единственный экземпляр
Flight, January 1923

Flight, January 1923


LIORE AND OLIVIER, Levallois-Perret (Seine)

  The LeO H. 10 is a twin float reconnaissance seaplane with 375 h.p. Lorraine-Dietrich engine. The machine is chiefly remarkable on account of its unusual wing bracing, which is in the form of a Warren girder, thus eliminating the usual wire bracing of the wing cellule. Owing to the fact that the folding wings are hinged to one of the sloping struts which run from the top centre line (there is no centre-section) to the float, the wings take up a curious attitude when folded. As in the case of the LeO 13, the wing section is the Gottingen 430. In order to allow the wings to fold close against the fuselage, the trailing edge of the top plane is hinged, and in the photograph it can be seen folded downwards.
  A few characteristics of the LeO H.10 may be of interest: Length, o.a., 10.45 m. (34 ft. 4 ins.); span, 15 m. (44 ft.); wing area, 59. sq. m. (633 sq. ft.); weight empty, 1,705 kgs. (3,750 lbs.); weight of fuel, 295 kgs. (650 lbs.); useful load, 450 kgs. (990 lbs.); total loaded weight, 2,450 kgs. (5,390 lbs.); wing loading, 8-6 lbs./sq. ft.; power loading, 14-6 lbs./h.p.; estimated speed at 1,000 m. 160 kms. (99 m.p.h.); ceiling, 5,550 ms. (18,300 ft.).
THE LIORE AND OLIVIER TWIN-FLOAT SEAPLANE: Note the peculiar attitude taken up by the folded wings, owing to the angularity of the strut on which the wings are hinged. The wing section is Gottingen 430.
Liore et Olivier