Aero A.18 / A.20
Страна: Чехословакия
Год: 1923

Flight, August 1923
GOTHENBURG International Aero Exhibition 1923

Flight, August 1923

GOTHENBURG International Aero Exhibition 1923


  Aero Tovarna Letadel, Prague. - This firm, of which Inz. A. Husnik is chief designer, exhibited two machines.
  The second machine shown was a small single-seater fighter, the A.18, also designed by Husnik. Although fitted with an engine of relatively low power, a 185 h.p. B.M.W.IIIa, the performance of the A.18 is very good, especially the climb. At the recent competitions for the Prize of the President of the Czechoslovakian Republic the A.18 won first prize, with an average speed over a 200 km. course (124 miles) of 230 km. (143 m.p.h.). The climb is very good indeed for the power, the average climb being as follows: 1,000 m. (3,280 ft.) in 1 min.; 3,000 m. (10,000 ft.) in 4 mins. 40 secs.; 6,000 m. (20,000 ft.) in 13 mins. 20 secs.; and 8,000 m. (26,000 ft.) in 31 mins. The ceiling is 8,500 m. (28,000 ft.). A short time ago a specially tuned A.18 climbed to 5,000 m. (16,500 ft.) in 8 mins. 30 secs.
  The A. 18 is a normal single-bay biplane, with the bottom plane of smaller area than the top. The fuselage is of welded steel tube construction with fabric covering. The engine, as will be seen from the accompanying photographs, is neatly cowled-in, and radiators of special design are fitted. A gravity petrol tank is mounted in the top centre-section, the petrol being pumped into it from the main tank by a pump driven by the engine.
  The main dimensions, weights, etc., of the A.18 are: Length, o.a., 6.4 m. (21 ft.); span, 7.6 m. (24 ft. 11 ins.); wing area, 15.8 sq. m. (170 sq. ft.); weight empty, 631 kgs. (1,390 lbs.); useful load, 250 kgs. (550 lbs.); total loaded weight, 881 kgs. (1,940 lbs); wing loading, 11.4 lbs./sq. ft. (55.8 kgs./sq. m.); maximum speed, 240 km. (150 m.p.h.).
TWO VIEWS OF THE AERO A.18 WITH 185 H.P. B.M.W.IIIa ENGINE: In spite of its low power this machine has a very good performance.
WINNER OF THE PRESIDENT'S TROPHY: The Aero 18b is fitted with a 300 h.p. Walter engine. In the race it attained an average speed of 164-5 m.p.h.
TWO OF THE "AERO" MACHINES AT THE PRAGUE EXHIBITION: The machine on the left is the twin-engined bomber, "Ae.24." On the right the "Ae.18."
The open centre-section of the lower plane of the "Ae.18." The wing is in one piece, and rests in a cut-out in the bottom of the fuselage, being secured by four bolts at each corner of the panel.
The engine cowling of the " Ae.20." The engine is a 300 h.p. Hispano-Suiza. The radiator is a special "Aero" type, and incorporates a "comb" between the segments for varying the cooling.
Aero "A.18" 185 hp. B.M.W. Engine