RAE Hurricane
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1923

Единственный экземпляр
The same aircraft, in original form, at the Lympne lightplane trials in October 1923.
AFTER A FLIGHT: Bringing in the "Hurricane" monoplane. The lower picture gives a good idea of the lines of this machine, the general arrangement drawings of which were published last week. Inset, the machine in flight.
The Hurricane at Lympne in October 1923, where it spent much of the time on the ground.
At Lympne: No. 14, the R.A.E. Aero Club's monoplane, the "Hurricane," being wheeled through a gate in the transport test.
The calm arrival of the "Hurricane" at Bournemouth: The R.A.E. "Hurricane" (Bristol "Cherub") came to Bournemouth by road, as shown.
SOME LIGHT PLANES COMPETING AT LYMPNE: The R.A.E. Aero Club "Hurricane" with Bristol "Cherub."
The Hurricane in its later form, with lengthened fin and rudder, strutted undercarriage and rounded fuselage top decking.
The same aircraft at the same meeting. The pilot's feet can be seen where the bottom engine cowling has been removed during running up of the Cherub III engine. The Hurricane was doped silver.
The Hurricane in its final form, probably at Lympne in 1924. Note the way in which the fuselage decking is hinged around the pilot's head.
The Hurricane in its final form, with strutted undercarriage and Cherub III engine racing at Bournemouth in August 1926 in the hands of Flt Lt Chick.
"SIDE AND UP-SIDE" LINES AT THE BOURNEMOUTH AVIATION MEETING: Flt.-Lieut. J. S. Chick making a test flight on the R.A.E. "Hurricane" (Bristol "Cherub").
THE RACE FOR THE GROSVENOR CHALLENGE CUP: No less than 21 machines faced the starter for this race, a record number. The result was that machines frequently got bunched together at the turning points. Our photograph show one of some such incidents. In 3 may be recognised the Short "Satellite," the Parnall "Pixie" and the R.A.E. "Hurricane."
Bulman making a turn in the Grosvenor Challenge Cup race at Lympne in October 1924.
THE LIGHT 'PLANE RACE FOR THE GROSVENOR CHALLENGE CUP: 5, Bulman rounding the aerodrome tent on the Farnborough "Hurricane";
THE BOURNEMOUTH AVIATION MEETING: Item from Sunday's big race - Flt.-Lieut. J. S. Chick winning the third heat.
A SPLENDID FINISH: The event of the day on Sunday at the Bournemouth Meeting was the final for the Bournemouth Summer Handicap. This was won - " at the last minute" - by D. A. N. Watt on the "Swallow" seen on the extreme left about to cross the line, from Flt.-Lieut. J. S. Chick on the R.A.E. "Hurricane," seen "jumping the hurdles" on the extreme right. Three remaining machines in the race are also to be seen (centre), the nearest being W. L. Hope on the "Moth" next A. S. Butler on the D.H.37, and, banking round into the straight, H. S. Broad on the red-and-white "Moth."
GROSVENOR CHALLENGE CUP RACE: Chick, on the "Hurricane," winning the race
GROSVENOR CHALLENGE CUP RACE: Chick acknowledging the applause of the public.
LIGHT 'PLANES AT LYMPNE: A few interesting constructional features. 4, the unusual control stick arrangement on the "Hurricane."
LIGHT 'PLANES AT LYMPNE: A few interesting constructional features. 5, the laminated steel spring axle of the undercarriage.
R.A.E. Aero Club Light Monoplane 600 c.c. Douglas Engine
R.A.E. Hurricane